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Good Seating Arrangement is an Important Component of Classroom Manage

asiancollege on Education - The article highlights the seating arrangement strategies to be applied in the classroom by the teachers to foster education and learning
In any classroom, the seating arrangement plays a very important role. In fact, seating arrangement in classrooms is a vital criterion to efficiently managing classrooms. There are a lot of things the teacher has to consider before moving children as they might sometimes be unwilling to move from their places. The teachers can also do it for academic purposes. Teachers mostly prefer arrangements of students in small groups to promote cooperation among the students. Researchers have found that the physical place in which the children are seated has an effect on their learning and their attitudes towards the school in general. The teachers face the challenge of educating different kinds of students in a challenging classroom situation. Effective classroom management techniques should be implemented by the teacher to facilitate academic as well as social and emotional learning.


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