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Savour Your Experience in Kolkata During Monsoons with an In class TEF

asiancollege on Education - Kolkata, ‘The City of Joy’ never fails to charm you with its timeless and classic beauty. I may sound a bit biased but I’m sure that’s okay. When you are head over heels with something, every aspect of it feels equally charming. So, this much biasness is not harming anyone I guess. Kolkata actually has many layers and each layer reveals a new chapter, an aspect worth embracing maybe for the rest of your life. The place with its old world charm intermingled with modernisation presenting a personification of romance redefined. Well, sounds weird right? Wait till you are here during the monsoons

Explore Kumortuli - The Potter’s Neighbourhood while you TEFL in Kolka

asiancollege on Education - India’s connection with art and culture dates back to time immemorial and sees a lot of variation with regional influence from one state to the other. Such variations result in a rich cultural heritage which India already boasts of. Bengal too, spells its own charm when it comes to presentation of art crafts. Among all the art products that Bengal has produced over all the years, Kumortuli holds a special place in the hearts of those who have paid a visit to the charming place.India’s connection with art and culture dates back to time immemorial and sees a lot of variation with regional influ

Need for Educational Administrators in Education Institutes

asiancollege on Education - The article sheds light on the necessity of having educational administrators for the smooth functioning of education institutes.
"Educational management is the theory and practice of the organization and administration of existing educational establishments and systems." (Paul Monroe)
Education management deals with the practices in education institutes like schools, colleges, and is concerned with the management of both human and non-human resources. Human resources include, teachers, students, parents, non-teaching staffs whereas non-teaching staffs include finance, education institutes

TEFL Gives a Scope to Earn and Save at the Same Time

asiancollege on Education - Teaching English abroad gets a whole new definition with a TEFL certification. It refers to teaching English in a non-native location where English is not the native language. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which is gradually catching the attention of the global citizens and providing job prospects to aspiring teachers across the world. The rising importance of English as a communicative medium is being noticeably admired as a global language in recent times. The necessity of English in all sectors of work is the sole reason behind the great demand of quality English

Good Seating Arrangement is an Important Component of Classroom Manage

asiancollege on Education - The article highlights the seating arrangement strategies to be applied in the classroom by the teachers to foster education and learning
In any classroom, the seating arrangement plays a very important role. In fact, seating arrangement in classrooms is a vital criterion to efficiently managing classrooms. There are a lot of things the teacher has to consider before moving children as they might sometimes be unwilling to move from their places. The teachers can also do it for academic purposes. Teachers mostly prefer arrangements of students in small groups to promote cooperation among the

Enrol for a TEFL Short Course with Global Training Academy

asiancollege on Education - Global Training Academy, also known as GTA, offers many a specialisation short term courses to the teaching aspirants, provided in the online mode of learning that has been prepared keeping in mind the latest practices in the world of modern education. The specialised courses are namely Teaching Grammar Certificate course (focusing on English Grammar and its set of rules and regulations), English Phonetics Online Teacher Training Program (acquainting the candidates with the correct pronunciation and correct sign languages), and Classroom Management Online Teacher Training course (which deals

Upgrade Your Teaching Skills with ACT’s Short-term Specialized Courses

asiancollege on Education - Asian College of Teachers (ACT) offers an array of short term courses aimed at developing and polishing specific knowledge and skills required in the world of international (or TEFL) teaching. Some of the popular courses that the candidates opt for are Teaching Grammar Certificate course, English Phonetics Online teacher training program, and Classroom Management Online Teacher Training which are all offered for duration for 40 hours at quite an affordable rate of 8,015 INR or 120 USD. After completion of the course, the teachers become eligible for better job prospects and can also avail the

A Nursery Teacher Must Meet the Needs and Interests of the Children

asiancollege on Education - Nursery teachers are the ones who provide academic knowledge and instruction to pre schoolers or the kids who have not yet started kindergarten. They are the ones who encourage social developments of the kids and look after their safety and dietary needs. They need to be very patient in dealing with kids and their parents. Kids are demanding by nature, some of them might be hyper active while others might be low on the energy scale. Nursery teachers must meet their needs by dealing with each and every child patiently.

Improve Your Grammar Skills for an in-depth Knowledge in English Langu

asiancollege on Education - The blog discusses the role of grammar in the proper development of communication skills in English.
"The child does not learn his language from his grammar. After he has learned it in other ways, grammar steps in and furnishes him a scientific analysis of what he has been doing."
(Thomas R. Lounsbury, "Compulsory Composition in Colleges." Harper's Monthly Magazine)
As stated above, knowledge on grammar is not the pre-requisite to learning the communication skills of any language, and English is no different. You will be able to interact and communicate your thoughts and ideas to others

Pursue a Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training and Become an Efficient

asiancollege on Education - The blog discusses the qualities that a nursery teacher should posses in order to become successful in the nursery teaching arena.
A nursery teacher has a great impact on a child’s all round development. He or she is a child’s first introduction to the world of education. These teachers play a major role in shaping a child’s future and the most effective way of learning for children is when they enjoy the activities. Teaching children can be a highly demanding task and it is widely agreed. Small children are used to staying with parents. A nursery school is the first experience of isolation

The Value and Importance of an Online Course

asiancollege on Education - Online learning or eLearning is steadily growing in a fast paced world. To keep up with the pace, one needs to know the value and significance regarding the same.
In a constantly changing and fiercely competitive world, the need and pressure to do more is tremendous. There is a continuous requirement to learn new skills, gain qualifications and at the same time acquire knowledge that is significant and relevant in today's technologically driven marketplace. During a time of booming digital economy, the demand for technically and analytically skilled and expert professionals is high. Such cri

Teach Young Learners by Enrolling in an Online YL Course

asiancollege on Education - The blog discusses the benefits of pursuing a TEFL Young Learners training program.
Teaching kids can be a bit daunting task, especially when it involves teaching them the use of a language which they probably have very little or no exposure to. Young Learners Teaching program in TEFL is a short yet intensive course offered by the training institutes that aims at acquainting the aspiring teachers with the nuances of the latest teaching methodology to the Young Learners. The course is designed for all those aspirants willing to enter into the teaching profession and teach young learners aged