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ranatekskills on Technology -
SAP partners play a critical role in helping organizations of all sizes identify,
purchase and implement the ideal solution to address their unique business needs.
Whether business process, business analytics, the latest mobile solutions, or the
latest technology innovations, SAP Partners deliver the exceptional value, purchasing
choice, consultation and implementation services,


lichtung95 on Health Fitness -
Yoga has been taught for thousands of years and is a way of keeping mind, body and soul healthy. It is never too early to start. Targeted, playful exercises, motivational music and simple instructions make yoga great fun for kids. Child-friendly exercises noticeably improve flexibility, prevent the development of poor posture, and strengthen the immune system.

Aware breathing unlocks new energies and im- proves concentration. Relaxation reduces stress and increases happi- ness.

Children can only benefit from it—and their pa- rents too. Mindful fun for the whole family!